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FLIR E30 "Open Box Special" List Price: $2,995.00 now: $1,995.00. Read more about this camera's features and specifications here. Call us for more information - 801-393-6050. SOLD


E Series 30

FLIR E60 "Demo Model" List Price: $7,995.00 now: $6,395.00. Read more about this camera's features and specifications here. Call us for more information - 801-393-6050.

Flir E60

Save Money By Buying Used or Demo Cameras

If you don't have the budget for a brand-new infrared camera, you might be interested to know that we also sell display and used units. Our display units have been gently used as customers test our products in our showroom. We also switch out displays when new units become available. Because customers who make the transition to infrared tend to stay loyal to the products, we also purchase customer's used infrared cameras, inspect them for any signs of damage, refurbish them, and sell them here for a discount. For a used or demo camera to be sold here, it has to pass a litany of rigorous tests conducted by our infrared experts.

Our Quality Inspection Process

We want to assure you that you are purchasing a quality product. Here are just a few of the things we check used devices for:

  • Screen: In addition to looking for visible scrapes and cracks, we also check the screen for broken LED lights, color abnormalities, and signs of water damage.
  • Operating System: Infrared cameras contain an on-board operating system that needs to be updated periodically. We will check to see if the latest device drivers and operating systems are installed and working properly.
  • Controls: We will also check the camera controls and buttons for signs of grime accumulation and range of motion.
  • Image Reliability: To make sure that the used camera is working properly, we will take additional readings and compare the images to versions produced by comparable models.

If any abnormality is found during the quality inspection process, the camera will be further evaluated. Damaged components will be replaced, and the device will be checked again. We stand by all of our used and demo cameras, and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Keep in mind that our stock of used and demo cameras is constantly changing. If we don't have the device that you need right now, check back with us in the future. If you have questions about our current used product stock, feel free to give us a call at 801-393-6050.

If you are purchasing an infrared camera for the first time, consider attending one of our thermal imaging camera training courses. These classes consist of a two-day course packed with hands-on information, and they might help your business to avoid costly mistakes. For additional information about training classes, email us at

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