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Easy Configuration via built-in Web-Server

The MIO Series Intelligent I/O module comes with a built-on web-server for easy configuration. No additional software is needed to setup your thermal monitoring system when using the MoviTHERM MIO I/O module. The web-server interface is intuitive. Simply add the IP address of each of the connected FLIR cameras. Select the desired alarm logic from drop down menus. Safe your settings to the non-volatile memory of the MIO Series Intelligent I/O module and start monitoring instantly. MoviTHERM MIO AX8 A310 Technical Data Sheet

Remote Monitoring Applications made simple!

Use the MIO-AX8 or MIO-A310 module to monitor your critical equipment. Simply connect up to seven FLIR® Thermal Cameras per module through Ethernet. Configure your temperature alarm thresholds for each camera using a web browser and start monitoring – it's that simple!

Ideal for:

  • Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Monitoring & Process Control
  • Early Fire Detection
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Electrical Panel & Substation Monitoring
  • Warehouse Monitoring
  • Critical Vessel Monitoring
  • Furnace Monitoring
  • IT Server Room Monitoring
  • and more…


Intelligent & Packed with Features

The MoviTHERM MIO Intelligent I/O module is based on a powerful ARM© microcontroller architecture. When the module powers up, it automatically looks for all configured cameras on the network and connects to them. You can choose between different temperature monitoring modes, using drop down menus. Select either MIN, MAX or AVERAGE temperature readings to be monitored. There is also a global smoothing filter available, in case your temperature signal fluctuates too much. This averaging filter is useful to help avoid false alarms in flame or oven monitoring applications, for example. The module monitors each camera and evaluates the temperature reading several times a second. Even with the averaging filter enabled, the monitoring speed is still once per second (1Hz).

  • Alarm monitoring based on MAX, MIN or AVERAGE temperature readings
  • Configuration of Camera and I/O module via web-server
  • Receive Alarm Images via Email or FTP
  • Do you need to monitor more than 7 cameras? – No problem!

    Just add more modules to your system. With each module added, you can monitor seven additional cameras. There is no limit to how many modules you can add. Adding a module also provides 8 additional digital outputs for alarming as well as eight additional current loop outputs (4 to 20mA). Connect the current loop outputs to your existing plant monitoring system for trending, data logging and other monitoring needs.

MoviTHERM MIO AX8 MIO A310 Manual

MoviTHERM MIO Series Overview Presentation

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